Face slapping

High heel trampling

Hair pulling

Pony riding

Wax torture

Toilet cleaning

Nipple torture




I STRICTLY DO NOT DO SCAT, PUSSY , ASS LICKING , SEX OR ANY OTHER NAKED ACTIVITIES. I am a dominatrix and not some prostitute and I want to keep these as healthy as possible and if someone mentions these then i will simply block his contact without any reply

Terms and conditions 

Young Students and aged people should not apply for sessions as I feel students should concentrate on career and for aged there may be some health issues and I do not want to take risks.


There wont be any naked or nude activities either from my side or your side as  I am not comfortable. I can sit on your face but only with my clothes on.You need to pay 1k (one thousand) beforehand as confirmation that you will come for session. I had couple of slaves who did not show up and It was a complete waste of time. My permanent slave will there for my protection but he will be in a completely separate room outside just to make sure no one interrupts during session.

If you agree to all these terms then we can proceed. I stay in Bangalore and give sessions in my apartment. Privacy is my utmost concern and so I respect my slave's privacy as well as mine so any breach of this will result in serious consequences.


Before a session is fixed one has to send a face pic to my watsapp number as I do not want to give session to someone whom I know personally and then you need to transfer 1k online so that I know you will be coming for session. After you transfer money I will confirm and the location details will be sent one day prior to session date. Do note that you need to obey my every order and follow without question.

One should always remember that its a role-play between a submissive and a mistress where both are fulfilling their inner desires and fantasies which cannot be revealed to outside world. I personally want BDSM to be a mainstream thing in India .